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If you belong to an association of independent traders, a commercial union or you own an independent retail shop this solution is for you. Give your customers the opportunity to benefit from a loyalty program and good deals over the mobile phone. Increase loyalty and keep your customers satisfied by adopting our Plug&Tap solution. Your customers will be able to earn benefits from their favourite brands which can reward them for their loyalty. This white label offer is also open to partners.

Loyalty program and mobile marketing

Your customers can now earn points and receive benefits from their favorite stores directly on their Smartphones.

Easy to use for your customers

A mobile application easy to use and customized upon request will help your business to build customer loyalty.

Establish a more personalized customer relationship

This application will allow your customers to receive customized offers on their mobile.

Analyze the performance of your loyalty program and mobile marketing …

… Via your dashboard hosted on a secure cloud platform that can be consulted at any time.

Innovation and visibility in your points of sale

Points of sale are equipped with signage and interactive devices (NFC, QR Code, Bluetooth beacon, Ultrasound, …) independent of the cash register system: no complex and expensive installation needed in your stores!