Host Card Emulation and security in the Cloud

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“Secure NFC” uses without intermediaries: Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology allows implementing “Secure NFC” use cases, including mobile payment, without hardware Secure Element on the user’s device.

A complete user experience

HCE provides a new user experience for everyday use, especially mobile payments but also services such as loyalty, couponing and so on.

Data hosting and security in the Cloud

Sensitive data (security keys, tokens …) are securely stored in the Cloud, in platforms that you can control.
Tokenization platform creates data for single use to validate transactions on the mobile terminal. Tokenization platform is the centerpiece of the security architecture of the new generation of mobile proximity payments.

Dejamobile products to enable you to seize this opportunity

Dejamobile offers a full range of mobile payment products based on MasterCard and Visa specifications.
You can easily develop an NFC mobile service for your customers based on our white label products and our APIs.