Trusted Services Manager (TSM)

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The TSM is a service platform that connects service providers, such as banks or transport companies, to Secure Element issuers, such as mobile operators (for the SE on the SIM) or device manufacturers (for the SE embedded in the mobile device).

The role of a TSM platform

The TSM plays an intermediary role for the secure transmission of private data from a service provider to the SE on the Smartphone such as customized data from a mobile payment application. More generally, the TSM provides secure management of the entire lifecycle of the application, from installation to removal, on the secure elements.



A tool for all secure NFC mobile services

The TSM operates in an open ecosystem and in a multi-service environment. It allows managing all NFC mobile services using the SE: payment, access control, transport ticketing and so on.

Management of all types of Secure Element

Sensitive data are managed by the secure element on the smartphone.
Our platform handles any type of secure element and uses industry standards (Global Platform, AFSCM) to guarantee the interoperability with the SE issuer’s TSM (mobile operators and device manufacturers).


Our trusted TSM platform

We have developed a TSM platform based on industry standards (Global Platform, AFSCM) including connection modules to the two major types of issuers of Secure Elements: mobile operators and device manufacturers. You can use the platform in SaaS mode for quick implementation and controlled budget. You can also ask us to customize an instance of the TSM platform fully adapted to your environment and your business needs.