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ReadyToTap Payment Solution

Let the application pay for you

Contactless payment will allow you to make everyday purchases without carrying change. The contactless mobile payment covers all types of purchase and amount, it is particularly useful for small amounts where the gesture “tap & pay” rhymes with fluidity and time saving.

Guaranteed security for your payment service

The NFC mobile payment solutions are based on specifications issued by the banking industry (payment schemes, inter-bank associations, regulators and central banks). They adopt the highest standards for secure transactions and data protection.

A mobile wallet and additional services

All payment cards can be dematerialized in the user’s Smartphone, thus becoming a virtual wallet. Many additional services besides payment, such as loyalty or couponing, can easily be added to this wallet to enhance the user experience.

A range of multi-technology solutions to develop your mobile payment services

We offer a range of technology components to enable you to develop your application of mobile NFC payment:

  • Mobile Libraries conform to the specifications of MasterCard and Visa (NFC Cloud Based Payment, MDES et VTS), with the use of hardware security elements (UICC, embedded Secure Element, SD Card) or without it (HCE technology: Host Card Emulation).
  • Secure Platforms for downloading applications that can be fully customized (TSM: Trusted Service Manager)
  • Platform management of tokens.

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