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Mobile Proximity Services Made Simple

Dejamobile is a Fintech and software solution provider specialised in Mobile Transaction Services. Our solutions help businesses and organisations to develop interactive and secure mobile services using contactless and proximity technologies (NFC, QR Code and Bluetooth Smart) in the areas of payment, retail and transport.

Our ReadyToTap-Payment solution is a leading solution in the mobile payment European market. Based on HCE and tokenization technologies, dejamobile’s payment solution allows banks and card issuers to offer a mobile service unifying proximity and online payments. This white-label solution, certified by Visa and MasterCard, allows issuers to offer the payment service within their own mobile application. The issuer therefore keeps control over the whole service, from customer experience to security and quality.

Our headquarters and R&D teams are based in France; and we have offices in the UK and Ireland.

Our teams own a large range of skills and expertise: software development, software and hardware security, smartcards, biometrics, contactless and proximity technologies (NFC, Bluetooth Smart, QR Code…), mobile payments (EMV, Visa and MasterCard specifications), agile project management, R&D and innovation…