Contactless payments acceptance

With ReadyToTapTM Payment for Merchants, securely accepting contactless payments on all types of NFC-enabled Android devices is as easy as downloading an app! Designed for merchants of all sizes and dedicated to acquirers, merchant service providers and POS systems vendors, Dejamobile’s Software POS solution turns any smartphone or tablet into a payment acceptance terminal.

SoftPOS technology to accept contactless payments with ease

ReadyToTapTM Payment for Merchants is fully certified with the latest functional and security requirements from Visa and Mastercard with PIN on Glass, Amex, Discover and PCI SSC (PCI CPoC). The solution allows its users to accept all types of contactless payments, from EMV cards to NFC mobile wallets and wearables, easily and securely. Available both as a white label and as an integrated solution via our SDK, dejamobile’s Software POS meets the different needs of acquirers and merchant service providers (SDK integration within a third-party merchant app, app-to-app or web-to-app connection, white label application).

Certified and proven Software POS solution


Certified by Visa and Mastercard with PIN on Glass and PCI SSC (PCI CPoC), our solution meets EMV security standards to facilitate a Tap&Go payment experience. We use payment standards (Nexo, ISO8583, web services) to connect our platform to the acquiring environment.

Simple and fast

A simplified payment experience! The merchant only needs to download your application (integrating our SDK or based on our white label solution) on his Android NFC compatible device to accept all contactless payments (cards, mobile wallets, wereables), regardless of the amount.


Accepting contactless payments from a mobile device opens up new possibilities for the in-store customer experience. Tap to Phone technology enables new use cases facilitating mobility or the multiplication of points of sale.


An affordable 100% software-based solution that relies on the use of commercially available devices such as smartphones or tablets. No need to invest in dedicated payment terminals!

A software-based payment acceptance solution

Our ReadyToTapTM solution is scalable to meet the needs of different players in the payment acceptance industry. We provide a payment SDK that integrates with an existing POS system or third-party merchant application, as well as a white label, 100% software application, certified by Visa and Mastercard with PIN on Glass and certified against PCI CPoC standard.
Offer a complete checkout experience to your merchants :

  • Accept all types of contactless payment methods (cards, NFC mobile wallets, OEM Pay…)
  • Refund, reversal, cancellation, tips
  • Digital receipt to be sent by email, SMS or QR code and many other features.

Manage your merchants and users via a dedicated web portal

Designed for both the service manager and merchants to monitor their activity, our ReadyToTapTM web portal, available in white label, facilitates the activation of the service, the management of merchants and users, in addition to offering activity monitoring functionalities, via the management of transactions and applications. We can also offer integration with your CMS via APIs dedicated to POS and merchant management.