Contactless payments acceptance

With ReadyToTapTM Payment for Merchants, securely accepting contactless payments on all types of NFC-enabled Android devices is as easy as downloading an app! Designed for merchants of all sizes and dedicated to acquirers, merchant service providers and POS systems vendors, Dejamobile’s Software POS solution turns any smartphone or tablet into a payment acceptance terminal.

SoftPOS technology to accept contactless payments with ease

ReadyToTapTM Payment for Merchants is fully certified with the latest functional and security requirements from Visa, Mastercard and PCI SSC (PCI CPoC). The solution allows its users to accept all types of contactless payments, from EMV cards to NFC mobile wallets and wearables, easily and securely. Available both as a white label and as an integrated solution via our SDK, dejamobile’s Software POS meets the different needs of acquirers and merchant service providers (SDK integration within a third-party merchant app, app-to-app or web-to-app connection, white label application).

Certified and proven Software POS solution

PCI SSC certification

Secure, flexible and scalable Tap on Phone solution


Certified by Visa, Mastercard and with PCI CPoC standard, ReadyToTapTM Payment for Merchants solution meets all payments industry’s interoperability and security standards offering the convenience of Tap&Go payment experience. Compatible with most common acquiring interfaces (i.e., Nexo, ISO8583, Webservices), this is easy to connect our platform to most acquiring systems out there.

Simple and fast

Dejamobile’s SoftPOS offers a simplified payment experience. The merchant just needs to download your application (integrating our SDK or based on our white label solution) on his Android NFC compatible device to accept all contactless payments (cards, mobile wallets, wearables), whatever the amount. Our SoftPOS solution opens up new opportunities to acquirers and merchant services providers contributing to change the way we do shopping.


Accepting contactless payments on a mobile device opens many new possibilities to merchants of all sizes and brings innovation directly to their stores. Tap to Phone or Tap on Phone technology enables new use cases, facilitates greater mobility, adds scalability and creates improved customer experiences.

Cost effective

There is no more need for a dedicated payment terminal when using our software-only POS solution. The only hardware the merchant will ever need is an off-the-shelf Android NFC device such as a smartphone or a tablet.

A software-based payment acceptance solution

ReadyToTapTM Payment for Merchants solution is modular and flexible allowing acquirers and merchant service providers to meet the needs of merchants of all types and sizes. We provide a payment SDK that can be integrated with an existing POS system or a white-label application certified by Visa, Mastercard and PCI SSC (with PCI CPoC standard).

We help you offering a complete payment experience to your merchants;

  • Acceptance of all types of contactless payment methods (cards, NFC mobile wallets, OEM Pays, …)
  • Cancellation and refund
  • Digital receipts, Tips and many other features.

Manage your merchants and users via a dedicated web portal

Available to both the merchant service provider and the merchant, our dedicated web portal allows to monitor the usage of the solution and facilitates the onboarding, and management of individual users and active applications. In addition, you will benefit from the access to our easy-to-integrate APIs which will work seamlessly with your own systems and processes.


Mobile payment: convenient and universal

Paiement - Dejamobile

Paiement - DejamobilePayment

2019 has been a year of growth for the mobile payment industry as the market was gaining maturity and the use of EMVCo standards gaining ground. In the Covid-19 context, digital payments, either in the form of cards or mobile wallets are becoming the norm. Learn more on how our society is becoming even more cashless.

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