04 - 03 - 2021 Product innovation

Crédit Agricole du Languedoc pilots Dejamobile software POS solution

French bank Crédit Agricole du Languedoc is trialling a payments acceptance solution that uses Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants technology to enable merchants to accept contactless transactions on a standard Android NFC smartphone.

14 - 12 - 2020 Product innovation

Dejamobile gets Visa certification for high value contactless transaction acceptance on standard NFC devices

Dejamobile has received Visa certification for a solution that enables merchants to be provided with the ability to accept both low and high value contactless transactions on a standard Android NFC smartphone or tablet.

03 - 12 - 2020 Technology

Driving wider adoption of digital payments at the point of sale: Accepting contactless payments on off-the-shelf smartphones or tablets

This 22-page white paper explains how next-generation, 100% software point-of-sale (POS) card acceptance solutions offer benefits across the retail payments ecosystem by enabling merchants to use standard, commercial off-the-shelf (Cots) NFC mobile devices to accept in-store contactless payments.

23 - 11 - 2020 References

Stocard rolls out mobile payments service in four more European countries

Leading European mobile loyalty wallet provider Stocard has expanded its Stocard Pay service to users in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, enabling them to make in-store NFC payments in addition to using the wallet to access loyalty cards and redeem rewards.

12 - 06 - 2020

Dejamobile launches white label solution for contactless payments acceptance on standard NFC devices

Dejamobile has launched a white label solution that enables merchants to be provided with the ability to accept EMV contactless and digital payments on standard NFC phones and tablets — with no additional hardware required.

06 - 05 - 2020

Blackhawk Network, Dejamobile partner to boost digital card service adoption

US-based gift card payments solution provider Blackhawk Network has partnered with Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap solution to create digital version of its One4all gift cards.

04 - 05 - 2020

One4all taps Dejamobile to support digital gift card payments

Blackhawk Network’s subsidiary One4all has teamed up with France-based Dejamobile, for a digital payments solution to boost its digital card service adoption across Europe.

04 - 05 - 2020

Blackhawk Network lets UK consumers make digital gift card payments in stores

PARTNER NEWS: Blackhawk Network subsidiary One4all is using Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Gifts & Rewards solution to make it possible for UK consumers and businesses to send a digital gift card directly to a recipient’s mobile phone — and for the recipient to then use it to make payments online and at contactless terminals in stores