22 - 01 - 2022 Product innovation

Paris to add support for NFC transit ticketing on Apple devices ‘by 2024’

Apple users travelling on public transport services in the greater Paris region will be able to store a digital version of their Navigo transit card on their iPhone or Apple Watch, as well as purchase tickets and passes and validate them using their Apple device, “by 2024”, according to a tweet posted by the Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) transit authority.

16 - 11 - 2021 Product innovation

Making Contactless Payments Acceptance Affordable and Flexible for European Merchants

Since its launch in 2012, French FinTech firm dejamobile has had one goal: help ecosystems make digital payments accessible to everyone, everywhere.

04 - 03 - 2021 Product innovation

Crédit Agricole du Languedoc pilots Dejamobile software POS solution

French bank Crédit Agricole du Languedoc is trialling a payments acceptance solution that uses Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants technology to enable merchants to accept contactless transactions on a standard Android NFC smartphone.

14 - 12 - 2020 Product innovation

Dejamobile gets Visa certification for high value contactless transaction acceptance on standard NFC devices

Dejamobile has received Visa certification for a solution that enables merchants to be provided with the ability to accept both low and high value contactless transactions on a standard Android NFC smartphone or tablet.

28 - 02 - 2018 Product innovation

Dejamobile unveils seamless banking and mobile payments enrolment service

Dejamobile to let new customers open a bank account, confirm their identity using approved KYC procedures.

17 - 10 - 2017 Product innovation

Dejamobile to supply Paris regional transit authority with NFC mobile ticketing technology

Dejamobile is working in a consortium with Gemalto and Wizway to develop the contactless ticketing solution.