ReadyToTap Mobility

We help you build multi-modal mobility services with security, dematerialization and access control solutions.

Offer a smooth, multi-modal travel experience

Our ReadyToTap Mobility range of solutions covers different uses of urban and interurban mobility: public transports (digitisation of transport tickets and subscriptions), car sharing (Smart Keys: virtualisation of car keys) and tolls (car parks, motorway tolls).

Highly secure solutions

Based on local communication technologies (NFC, Bluetooth) and the standards in force in the ticketing sector, our solutions are compatible with validation infrastructures (readers and toll booths).

Simplicity and multi-modality for transport

Digitise ticketing by adopting a simple, secure and fast mobile system for all types of public transport (urban and inter-urban).

Ease of access and digitisation of badges

The Smartphone acts as a wallet of badges, to have access to all types of infrastructures already equipped with NFC or Bluetooth readers or terminals.

Flexibility and deployment

A flexible solution that can be deployed on a large scale: supply of an SDK or a white label application on one hand and a service platform in SaaS mode on the other.


Interactive and secure mobile services for flexible, multi-modal mobility

  • Mobility services providers
  • Users

Offer a mobility service on Smartphone for simple, secure use, based on your business standards.

Offer a standard and secure service: access control and control devices are equipped with NFC or Bluetooth interfaces and software compatible with business standards.

Reduce the issuing of physical equipment which are costly to produce and distribute.

Access a customized platform that allows you to manage the entire service life cycle offered to your database of users.

Use your smartphone as a wallet for your tickets and using rights for different modes of mobility (public transport, car or bicycle-sharing, parking...).

Buy your tickets and other using rights (virtual car-sharing vehicle keys, tolls, parking tickets...) in a simple and secure way.

Use and validate your tickets and using rights in a simple way thanks to the use of contactless (NFC) and Bluetooth technologies.

Avoid the long queues at counters and cash machines: your cash machine is in your pocket!