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As holders of Visa and MasterCard licenses, we offer complete NFC mobile payment solutions based on the Hardware Secure Elements but also on purely software architectures using HCE (Host Card Emulation). In the latter case, we also offer service platforms for secure transactions (including tokenization platform).

Serenity, security and trust every day

Our contactless payment service adapts to the most demanding standards in transaction security and data protection by ensuring at all times secure transfer of transaction details or/and personal data.


Make life easier for your customers with NFC

An application easy to use will allow your customers to make contactless payments for any type of purchase and amount using their smartphones now as a virtual wallet.

Additional services

Expense management and real time information are the kind of services you can now offer your customers: transaction log, account balance and so on. You can also enrich the payment application with additional services regarding the shopping experience: loyalty, couponing …


Our customizable Service platforms

We offer a range of technology components to enable you to develop your own NFC mobile payment application: our secure platforms (TSM or tokenization platform as appropriate) will provide control and efficiency in all exchanges of data for the installation and the customization of the payment service.