Mobile transport ticketing with Ile-de-France Mobilités

Our mobility solution for the Smart Navigo in the Paris Region

The solution developed by the Dejamobile – Thales – Wizway Solutions consortium enables Paris Region inhabitants to have their tickets and Navigo cards directly in their Android smartphone.
This Smart Navigo project uses dejamobile’s mobile ticketing solution, including the module for reloading tickets (“Top-up”).

The solution developed by the consortium is available in the ViaNavigo application of the transport authority Ile-de-France Mobilités.


At a time when the majority of the inhabitants of our territory have a smartphone, it was imperative to keep up with such digital uses! The stakes are high: to digitise physical transport tickets, and to allow their management in one click via an intelligent device. To meet such an objective, we relied on the expertise of UGAP, which has a packaged solution supported by three innovative companies - Dejamobile, Thales and Wizway Solutions - each bringing its own specific brick to this complex project.
 Anne-Laure Ramey from the intermodal, services and marketing department at IDF Mobilités
Through this digitised mobility solution, UGAP continues its approach of integrating innovative solutions. To launch this decentralised service, the central purchasing office has relied on three suppliers, to propose a contractual and nationally unified framework to the Mobility Organising Authorities.
Olivier Rougetet, Head of Mobility Marketing Department at UGAP

Since September 2019, residents of and visitors to the Paris region have been able to free themselves from distributors and to top up their tickets anywhere and anytime. For validation operations, nothing could be simpler, the smartphone is used directly on the validators of buses, metros, trams and RER. Navigo card reading and writing functions are also available on the android eligible smartphones.

As part of this project with the French transport authority Ile-de-France Mobilités, Dejamobile provided its Android SDK as well as its SaaS mobile platform which was interconnected with the Ile-de-France Mobilités ticketing server using the Calypso standard. Our SDK is also present in the applications of various partner players to enable the reloading of tickets: RATP, Transdev and SNCF.

Our teams also provided support to the developers, making possible all the requested use cases, by providing high level APIs. IDFM expects 560K active users of the service by the end of 2021, with about 1.5 million users installed.

This solution, which is listed in the catalogue of the French central government purchasing office (UGAP), is available to all local authorities and conurbations without recourse to a specific public contract. By opting for this solution, French transport authorities benefit directly from the scalability and technical maturity of the deployment carried out by Ile de France Mobilités.

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