ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants

Accept EMV contactless payments with just an app and off-the-shelf Android devices, smartphone or tablet. This is as simple as it sounds! ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants is a 100% software-based contactless payment acceptance solution for Acquirers, merchant device manufacturers and merchant software solution vendors.

The simplest way to accept contactless payments

Compliant with the highest standards of the Payment industry (PCI, Visa and Mastercard), Dejamobile’s solution is the simplest way to accept all contactless payments : with contactless cards, NFC mobile wallets or wearables. ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants is an innovative solution aimed at democratising contactless payment acceptance.

Accept all contactless payments on any Android device!


Benefit from all the advantages of a Software-based solution

  • Making any merchants able to afford contactless EMV payment acceptance
  • Allowing innovative and seamless check-out experience in shops
  • Simplifying contactless acceptance solution deployment: merchants will just need to download an App on their smartphone and tablet!
  • Reducing the TCO of EMV payment acceptance both for acquirers and merchants, with no compromise on security

ReadyToTap for Merchants, how it works

A cost-effective and secure solution

Whether you are an acquirer, a merchant device manufacturer or a merchant software solution vendor, our solution is made for you. Bring contactless payments acceptance to your merchants and add value to your existing services is as simple as downloading an app.

  • Universal EMV contactless payment acceptance: Visa, Mastercard, contactless cards and digital wallets
  • Cost-effective: reduced equipment, maintenance and deployment fees thanks to a 100% digital solution
  • PCI and Payment Scheme compliant solution offering the convenience and Security of the Tap&Go Payment Experience
  • Plug-and-Play: an API based on standards (Nexo, ISO8583) made available to Acquirers and PSPs to be onboarded on our platform