ReadyToTap – Transport

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Are you managing public transport networks and services?

Dejamobile offers you a mobile ticketing solution based on NFC technology and on standards and specifications of the Transport domain (CEN, CNA…) and mobile domain (GSMA, NFC Forum, Global Platform…). This solution enables the digitisation of your transport tickets and is compatible with the existing ISO contactless validation equipments. The features of ReadyToTap Transport solution extend far beyond the mobile ticketing feature. Our solution will help you to establish a privileged channel to develop a strong relationship with your travelers via the mobile channel, providing them with complementary services.

Digitizing tickets

Implement a simple, fast and secure mobile ticketing system for all kind of public transport systems.


Satisfy travelers every day…

They will use their smartphone as a ticket and have access – via your mobile application – to complementary services that will simplify their life and enhance their traveler experience (trip planner, realtime information…).

… And build stronger relationships with them

Interact and communicate in real time with the users to establish a more fluid relationship and deliver a better quality of service.

No more expensive physical material

You can now reduce the emission of expensive physical material to produce and maintain over time.