ReadyToTap – Access Control

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Are you managing business premises, parking lots (car park), sports and cultural facilities or any other kind of infrastructure?

Dejamobile offers an identification solution based on NFC or Bluetooth Smartphones that enables the management of access rights of your infrastructure. The features of ReadyToTap – Access Control solution extend far beyond the access control function. Our solution will help you to establish a privileged channel to develop a strong relationship with your customers via mobile, providing them with complementary services.

Control access to all type of infrastructure

The users will only need their NFC or Bluetooth Smartphone, acting as a badge wallet, to get access to all types of infrastructure equipped with NFC or Bluetooth-compatible readers.


Improve access and dematerialize the badges

From now on, your customers will only need their smartphones to have a fast, easy, secure and automatic access to your infrastructure.

An innovative and growing technology

Doors or access control devices are equipped with a NFC or Bluetooth chip integrated in the security system enabling automatic recognition of mobile phones.


A privileged channel of communication

Send contextual and personalized messages to your customers – through the mobile application – related to access rights and badges.

A web-based management tool

A dedicated and secure web portal allows you to manage mobile badges and additional services provided to users.