Dejamobile is contributing to the arrival of mobile ticketing with SmartNavigo in Ile de France region

04 - 10 - 2017

Product innovations

Dejamobile is proud to contribute to the modernisation of ticketing by working along with Ile-de-France Mobilités, the organisational authority for transport in Paris area, to develop the digitisation of the public transport ticket on smartphone.

In partnership with Gemalto and Wizway Solutions, dejamobile is working on the project of implementing a mobile ticketing solution and digitising the ‘Pass Navigo’ – the Paris transport contactless chip card – by 2018. In this way, the mobile phone will progressively replace any transport ticket. The passengers will be able to safely buy or recharge tickets or purchase plans directly from their android smartphone.
To work on this project and enable the tickets digitisation, dejamobile is using its ReadyToTap Mobility solution.

Based on NFC technology, the service will cover the whole Ile de France network and should be used over time by 3 million users.

This mobile ticketing solution is referenced in the UGAP catalogue – the French central purchasing body – and is therefore available for all mobility organisational authorities in France, to be continued …

For more information, see the article on NFC World

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