ReadyToTap Gifts & Rewards

Our solutions facilitate the digitisation of gift cards, rewards and loyalty programs; manage the entire life cycle of your cards and programs from creation through processing and distribution.

Develop your customers' engagement

Are you a commercial brand, a gift card issuer, a loyalty program or any other customer benefit issuer wishing to digitise your issuing process? Give your customers a 100% digital experience, so they can enjoy their benefits quickly and securely. We offer a range of solutions including a card digitisation platform integrated into your existing application or in a new “Wallet” application that we can provide as a white label product.


A mobile and digital experience

Your customers order, receive and use their gift cards online or directly on their smartphone. Our solution also facilitates mobile payment and allows you to create your own mobile wallet with your image.


Customer engagement

Offer a multi-channel user experience to reach a new consumer base and acquire new customers.
Facilitate communication with your customers through a digital channel to better understand their expectations and requirements.


Simplicity and security

Benefit from the secure management of cards (gift cards, coupons…) and processes for issuing, shipping and payment.


Flexibility and integration

Dejamobile develops your application based on its white label Wallet or you can use our SDK (Software Development Kit) and integrate it into your existing application.
Choose to integrate our platforms into your issuing process environment or use our SaaS offering for faster deployment.


Secure mobile services to deliver benefits to customers

  • Merchants and issuers
  • Users

Easily manage your gift, loyalty, reward and e-wallet card programs with digitisation. Merchants have better control over the card's life cycle.

Acquire new customers by digitising your cards on mobile phones.

Increase the conversion rate, digital wallets make it easier to buy online or in-store.

Benefit from a secure platform for optimal management of the digitisation process, card processing and distribution, right through to payment (in the case of gift cards).

A 100% digital gift cards to avoid loss and forgetfulness.

Possibility to share and have the digital gift or rewards, instantly.

The digital gift card is omni-channel, easily accessible in store, on the internet or on a mobile application.

A unified experience thanks to the mobile wallet, allowing the use of both gift or loyalty cards, and mobile payment.


Mobile and digital services for commerce

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Customer relations in the retail and distribution sector have undergone a profound transformation thanks to digital technology. The widespread use of e-commerce has transformed the ecosystem and uses. Consumers have rapidly adopted the new uses and are increasingly using their Smartphones as "consumer companions".

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