Customer relations in the retail and distribution sector have undergone a profound transformation thanks to digital technology. The widespread use of e-commerce has transformed the ecosystem and uses. Consumers have rapidly adopted the new uses and are increasingly using their Smartphones as “consumer companions”.

Energizing the business relationship and real time benefits for consumers through the use of digital technologies

Among the new usage trends is the digitisation of customer relations and the associated advantages. This trend towards digitisation concerns all types of programmes: loyalty, gift cards (single or multi-brand), couponing, etc. And it is through the mobile channel that most of the flows linked to these digitised programmes nowadays pass.

The interest in digitisation for brands

  • Customisation
  • Optimisation

The interest for brands and retailers can be summarized in two words: Customisation and Optimisation.

Personalization because the individualization of the contact via the Smartphone, relying on an increasingly detailed customer knowledge leads to more relevant offers.

The interest for signs can be summarized in two words: Customisation and Optimisation.

Optimisation in two ways: on the one hand, the transformation rates can really be improved in this context and, on the other hand, costs are controlled thanks in particular to the gradual disappearance of physical equipment.


Four challenges for commercial brands and customer relationship program managers
  • Optimisation of the customer experience and commitment: the gift or loyalty card is digitised, just like the means of payment, in order to provide a response to consumers' needs and new habits.
  • Facilitating the usage safely: a digital gift card is immediately accessible and usable by its recipient. The use of security standards inherited from mobile payment solutions allows for a high level of security and traceability while also allowing streamlined and simple usage
  • Control of costs: digital purchasing and management will ultimately eliminate the costs of manufacturing and issuing physical cards.
  • Reduction of environmental impact: digitisation avoids the multiplication of cards that end up being forgotten or lost. A digital gift card can be quickly and instantly ordered, sent and used.


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