Create your own mobile wallet with digital gift cards

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Digital Gift Card Solution

If you are looking for a digital gift card solution that gives your customers a better customer experience and better access to your services, look no further than Dejamobile. We can take your physical gift cards and make them digital. For senders, they know that when they purchase a card that it will be sent directly to the recipient and be ready to use. For the recipient, their phone becomes their gift card and removes the risk of being lost, stolen or damaged. The gift card can only be activated and used by the recipient. .

With a digital gift card solution from Dejamobile, programme managers can add more value and features to their services and provide a secure and convenient experience for their users. In fact, we were the first provider to offer virtual gift card solutions, so you can trust us to know a thing or two about this type of service.


The Perfect Solution For Rewards and Gifting Programs

Our digital gift card solution puts your customers in complete control of the gifting experience. They can order gift cards for friends, family or clients from their own smartphone and then know that their digital card is being delivered securely to the intended recipient. The recipient will be alerted on their phone that they have received a gift card and will be able to use it immediately in store or online using mobile payments. There are no plastic cards to worry about as the full process is digital.

Why Consider Digital Gift Cards?

If you are looking to improve the way your customers buy your gift cards, take a look at our digital gift card solution. We would be delighted to tell you more about the options available and to tell you more about our other services such as our mobile wallet solution

Give Your Customers a Better Customer Experience

By choosing a digital gifting or reward solution, you can attract more customers who want to do everything from their smartphone. Within minutes, they can choose a gift card total for the intended recipient, pay for their gift card securely and have it winging its way to them. It’s a convenient, secure and fun way to send gift cards and can also be applied to rewards and loyalty programs too.

Why Choose Dejamobile For Digitising Gift Cards?

At Dejamobile, we have years of experience when it comes to offering mobile payment and gifting services. Whether you are retailer looking to offer more ways for your customers to use gift cards or you are a programmes manager looking to bring your rewards onto mobile phones, we can help. Our solutions are certified with major payment schemes such as Mastercard, Visa and CB.

Add More Value to Your Gift Card Services

When you want to add more value to your gift card services, come to Dejamobile. We would be delighted to tell you more about our digital gift card solution and how it can help your business to stand out.