Digitising gift cards on smartphone

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Digital Gift Card on Mobile

At Dejamobile, we offer a digital gift card solution that will completely transform how your customers use your gift service. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could send a gift card online so that it is immediately accessible for use by the recipient? With our digital gift card on mobile service, this becomes a reality. .

Our services offer a seamless and smooth transaction every time your customers use the service. For gift card solutions that are currently only available over email or with a physical card, our digital gift card on mobile service allows recipients to start using their card right away. To put it simply, their smartphone becomes their gift card ready to tap to pay for products or services or redeem online.


The Perfect Solution For Rewards and Gifting Programs

When you use our solution, you can decide how you want to use it. From rewards and loyalty points to gift cares and P2P payments, you can choose which services you want to make available within your app. We handle everything for you and we have also take care of the complex requirements like PCI DSS and certification with major payment processors. Our solution is certified with Mastercard, Visa and CB.

Why Consider Digital Gift Cards

Physical gift cards can be lost or stolen. When a digital gift card is delivered securely to the recipient, the gift card is accessible only to them. They can then choose to use it whenever they want directly from their smartphone.

We also offer a mobile wallet that can be used on iOS and Android and which is compatible with Apple Pay, G-Pay and Samsung Pay.

Give Your Customers a Better Experience

By digitising your services, you can give your customers a better service and a better way to access gift cards. Our digital gift card on mobile service puts you in complete control and we would be delighted to speak to you to find out more about your gift card service, rewards program or loyalty scheme.

Why Choose Dejamobile For Digitising Gift Cards?

At Dejamobile, we have years of experiencing in digitising an array of different services, including commerce, transport and payment services. We have helped many businesses to discover the many benefits of using a mobile solution and can align our services to suit the exact requirements of your business and the needs of your customers.

Add More Value to Your Gift Card Services

Give your customers more control over how they use your services and offer them a secure and convenient way to send gift cards digitally. From birthdays to corporate gifting, there are many reasons why your customers might want to send a gift card and even more reasons why they might want to buy a digital gift card using your solution. With our digital gift card on mobile services, they can start using their gift card right away from their mobile.