contactless solution for Mobility and Transport

Dedicated to transport solution providers, ReadyToTap Mobility enables the digitisation and top up of transport passes and tickets using NFC technology.

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Contactless Mobility Solution

At Dejamobile, we offer a contactless mobility solution that puts your customers in complete control of how they buy and use tickets and plan their travel. The mobility industry is changing with more and more transport providers adding contactless solutions to their apps and services. If you are looking for a mobile ticketing solution for public transport we can help. .

NFC technology has been a great enabler in the world of contactless travel. For users, the process is simple. All they need to do is buy tickets or charge their transport cards or passes on their smartphone and then tap an NFC terminal. This technology not only makes life easier for your customers but it can also help you reduce costs across your business. Customers can also avoid the long ticket queues and get on with their journey instantly.


Why Consider NFC Mobile Ticketing?

If you are looking for a new way to increase customer satisfaction by offering a seamless and convenient journey, a contactless mobility solution could be the perfect answer. We would be delighted to speak to you about our contactless solutions and how quickly you can build your own branded solution. We can give you advice on how to create and deploy a contactless mobility solution effectively and to get your infrastructure up and running with the required NFC technology.

Once set up, your users will have a convenient, fast and secure way to pay for and use tickets and will, therefore, gain more trust in your company and be more inclined to use it. Do away with the paper ticket and say hello to digitised tickets that improve the customer experience and increase travellers’ satisfaction.

Compliant with Calypso ticketing standard

Calypso is one of the key international ticketing standards used in transport and implemented over 150 Transit networks worldwide. Our mobile ticketing solution is compliant with Calypso ticketing standard and our company is member of the Calypso Network Association. When customers buy tickets they will want to know that their data is safe at all times. Our solution is GDPR compliant and will ensure that all personal data is secure and safe at all times. This is peace of mind for you as a transport provider and peace of mind for your customers.

Why Choose Dejamobile For NFC Ticketing?

Over the years, we have helped many companies offering innovative services with contactless technology. We would be delighted to tell you more about our services and how we can help you create more freedom for your customers. A contactless mobility solution will give your customers more ways to travel with you and to keep all of their tickets in one app, whether they are travelling on trains, buses or metro.

To find out more about how our NFC technology works and how quickly we can help you to get your solution off the ground, speak to our team today.

Add More Value to Your Mobility Services

When you digitise tickets and provide your customers with ways to plan their journey from their mobile phones, you instantly add value to your mobility services. To find out just how much value you can add, speak to our friendly team today. We’re standing by to assist.