Software POS solution for Merchants

Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both

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Digital Payment Solution For Merchants

Our digital payment solution for merchants allows merchants to accept contactless payments with any Android device. This 100% software contactless payment solution is designed for terminal manufacturers, acquirers and service providers wishing to develop new offers for their merchants. Our ReadyToTap solution for merchants will revolutionise how their customers make payments and help to drive growth in customers and revenue. .


The Easiest Way to Accept Contactless

This is a secure and fast way to accept payments and with our digital payment solution for merchants, businesses can accept payment from any contactless method on an Android phone or tablet. From cards and phones to smartwatches, our solution puts merchants in control of when and where they accept payments. And all over a completely secure platform.

From exhibitions to out on the store floor, our ReadyToTap payment solution for merchants is the quick and easy way to accept contactless payments. This solution is also so convenient for customers looking to escape the confines of cash and multiple cards. As an acquirer or merchant provider, our solution allows you to keep merchants up to speed with the latest payment technology and one step ahead of their competitors.

Our digital payment solution for merchants is also compliant with Visa and Mastercard specifications and PCI CPoC regulations ensuring customer data is always secure no matter where you are taking payments.

Offer More Services to Your Merchants

Our digital payment solution for merchants helps merchants to stay one step ahead of their competitors. By having an efficient and secure means for customers to pay for goods, those customers are more likely to come back time and time again.

Why Choose Dejamobile For Your Payment Solutions?

At Dejamobile, we offer a range of payment solutions designed for the digital era. Our digital payment solution for merchants puts merchants in control of how and where they accept payments and we can deploy your solution very quickly. We can also customise your solution so that it is clearly branded with your logo and any other information you desire.

We have helped many brands to discover the freedom that digital payments can bring to their business and we would be delighted to talk to you today about our solution and how it will it will fit in with the services you currently offer to merchants. If your merchants are currently only accepting physical means of payment like cards and cash, it’s time to propel them forward into the 21st century with new and improved ways to accept contactless payments.

We’re Ready to Help

Speak to the team here at Dejamobile today to find out more about our digital payment solution for merchants and how we can help your merchants to take advantage of secure digital payments. Our solution is fully compliant meaning they don’t need to worry about customer data being transmitted or being at risk at any time. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our solution and to show you a demo.