HCE Cloud-Based payments solution

Based on the latest technologies (HCE, tokenisation, NFC, software and hardware security), ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers simplifies mobile payments for a faster

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MDES Payment Solution Provider

As an experienced MDES payment solution provider, we understand that any solution you choose must offer the most robust security for peace of mind of your customers and your business. MDES allows merchants and issuers to leverage digitisation and tokenisation of cardholder credentials to create safe and security for every transaction, whether in-store or online. We help you to give your customers peace of mind wherever and whenever they make digital payments using your solution.

When you are looking for an MDES payment solution provider with years of experience, Dejamobile should be your first choice. We have been offering our solution for years and have helped many of our customers to transform the way they offer their payment solutions to customers. Whether you have a debit, credit or prepaid card you would like to digitise or you are looking to bring your rewards programme into the digital age, we can help. .


Integrate into Your Existing Environment

We give you the flexibility to easily and quickly deploy our solution into your existing environment. You may also choose to use our SaaS offering for immediate deployment of our solution. Don’t worry if you don’t already have your own app as you can use our white-label wallet option to get up and running.

As your MDES payment solution provider, we will work closely with you to ensure that our solution helps you to take control of your customer strategy and to give your customers the best possible experience. We can also help you to add more services, such as loyalty rewards and money transfer solutions.

Transform the Way You Offer Your Services

If you are looking for a solution to transform the ways you currently offer your payment services, speak to Dejamobile today. We would be delighted to be your MDES payment solution provider and to help you to provide the best mobile payments solution to your customers.

Our solution works with many different technologies, including tokenisation, QR Code and NFC. This ensures your customers can pay on a wide range of devices and in more and more locations using these technologies. Whenever and wherever your customers make a purchase, they will experience a smooth and secure transaction every time. Our ReadytoTap app is compatible on iOS and Android and also through your own wallet application.

Choose Us As Your MDES Payment Solution Provider

Choose Dejamobile as your MDES payment solution provider today and we will help you to improve customer experience and to increase revenue and reduce costs. We have helped many issuers, banks, merchants and programme managers to transform the way their services are offered. Our solution is also certified with Mastercard, Visa, CB and Pure and we have taken care of all PCI DSS compliance so that you don’t have to. To find out more about our solution, get in touch with our team today. We can show you how our solution can be perfectly aligned with your business needs and the needs of your customers.