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Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both

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Mobile Wallet Providers

As one of the leading mobile wallet providers, we help banks, issuers and programme managers to make life easier for their customers. Whether you are looking for a way to digitise your payment cards or rewards, wegive you the freedom to use our solutions in a way that best suits your business needs. We offer a complete mobile payment service that is compatible with a number of mobile wallet providers, including Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Our application is compatible with Android and iOS and can be deployed quickly. .


Why Use Mobile Wallet Providers?

The world has changed almost beyond recognition when it comes to paying for goods and services. Consumers today are beginning to expect to pay using their mobile phones. Mobile wallet providers like Dejamobile are helping businesses to stay ahead of the curve by offering mobile payment services that meet these expectations.

Our ReadytoTap Payment solution can be used with HCE technology on Android phones or integrated with your own wallet application. You can also choose to use third-party mobile wallet providers from G-Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Fast Deployment Made Simple

We make deployment of your mobile payment services as quick and easy as possible. Our secure and certified tokenisation hub simplifies deployment and supports card enrolment, token lifecycle management and card tokenisation. The result is that your customers get a solution that ensures a secure transaction time and time again and which helps to build loyalty and trust.

Mobile Wallet Providers Are Revolutionising the Payment Industry

The payment industry is a competitive one and so it is important that you do all you can to stay one step ahead. Our ReadyToTap Payment solution is designed for fast implementation and can be integrated into your existing solution. You may alternatively want to use our wallet solution if you don’t have one of your own. We’d be delighted to discuss the various options available and adapt our solution to suit the needs of your business and customers.

Transform Your Payment Services Today

Whether you are looking for a way for your customers to pay for goods and services using their NFC smartphone or you have a rewards card you would like to digitise, we can help you to achieve these goals. Our mobile payment solution is compliant with the demanding personal data protection and transaction security requirements and is certified by Mastercard, Cartes Bancaires and Visa.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with the team at Dejamobile today. We would be delighted to tell you more about our services and show you how we can align our solutions with your business requirements and your payment solutions. The result is a highly secure and convenient service that also protects the user’s sensitive data wherever they choose to shop. If you are considering mobile wallet providers as a way to transform your payment services, call our team today to find out more about how we can help.