EMV compliant QR Code Solution

Compatible with EMV QR Code specification, ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers enables QR Code payments for a fast and convenient alternative to make digital payments.

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Google Pay Wallet Integration

When you are looking for a solution that allows your customers to use G-Pay wallet integration, look no further than Dejamobile. We help you to build a mobile payment solution quickly and without the usual obstacles that can delay deployment and getting a return on your investment. With our pre-certified and compliant solution, you can start adding value to your payment services and improving the customer experience. .

When you give your customers more freedom with the way they pay for goods and services, they will be more likely to come back to your solution time and time again. We have taken care of PCI DSS compliance and our tokenisation hub ensures that every transaction is secure and imparts no sensitive data. This will give peace of mind to your customers every time they use your wallet. The last thing they will want to think about is security.

We offer Google Pay wallet integration as just one of the ways to use mobile wallet services. You can also choose to integrate Samsung Pay and Apple Pay wallets. If you would rather use your own wallet solution based on our white-label solution, we give you the freedom to do that too. Above all else, we make our solution easy and secure for your customers to use.


Quick and Easy G-Pay Wallet Integration

If you are looking for a mobile wallet solution that will ensure quick and simple Google Pay wallet integration, the Dejamobile solution is the best choice. Once your solution is deployed, your customers will have the freedom to pay for the goods and services they love from the palm of their hands. Consumers carry their mobile phones everywhere with them today and so it makes perfect sense to give them access to your payment services over mobile. They can pay using their NFC compatible smartphone. The more options your customers have to pay with, the more likely they will come back to your mobile payment solution time and time again.

Why Consider a Digital Wallet Solution?

A digital wallet solution with Google Pay wallet integration is the perfect way to transform the way your services are made available to your customers. We help you to free your customers from plastic cards by giving them the same functionality on their mobile phones. In one tap or scan, they can pay for goods and services in seconds.

Why Choose Dejamobile G-Pay Wallet Integration

We have taken care of compliance and certification so that you don’t have to worry about these often complex processes. It means you can build your mobile payment solution as quickly as possible and start implementing our solution.

Add More Value to Your Payment Services

Get the best investment from your mobile payment solution today. Ask us about our G-Pay wallet integration and tell us the challenges you are facing with your payment services. We will help you to add value and improve the customer experience.