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Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both

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Soft POS Solution

A soft POS solution is another name for mPOS or mobile point of sale, the difference being that soft POS solutions rely only on software and do not require any hardware add-on. Soft POS solutions allow merchants to accept contactless payments from a wide variety of contactless payment methods, including cards and mobile wallets on smartphones and wearables. If you are looking to offer merchants a way to transform the customer experience, save money and accept payments anywhere at any time, a soft POS solution is the answer. .

At Dejamobile, we specialise in digital payment solutions for a number of use cases like mobile wallets or mobile ticketing. We have years of experience in offering secure digital payment solutions to a wide range of businesses including major banks, Fintechs, prepaid card issuers.


Why Use a Soft POS Solution?

There are many reasons why merchants might benefit from using a soft POS solution. The first is the customer experience. Consumers today are looking for seamless and safe shopping experience. . Our solution allows the consumer to pay on the spot and saves the hassle of long queues at the point of sale bringing less frustration for the consumer when paying. Our ReadyToTap payment acceptance solution is universal and allows merchants to accept all type of contactless payments, from all the payment brands such as Visa and Mastercard.

Less Friction at the Point of Sale

Our soft POS solution offers consumers another way to pay. When the queues are long at the cashier desks equipped with traditional POS terminals, merchants can open up soft POS terminals around the store either as standalone terminals on tablets or in the hands of staff in the form of Android devices. With a quick tap, customers can pay for their goods and be on their way.

It is also essential that any soft POS solution is completely secure. We have ensured that our solution is fully compliant with the latest specifications from Visa and Mastercard and with the PCI CPoC specifications straight off the shelf. This gives merchants complete peace of mind that they are using a solution that will keep personal data and financial transactions safe at all times.

Transform the Way Payments Are Taken

The deployment of our soft POS solution is quick and easy. It is a 100% software-based solution and so just needs Android phones or tablets as hardware. Once installed and ready to go, merchants can start accepting contactless payments immediately. This is a completely secure solution that will transform where, when and how merchants are able to take payments from customers.

If you would like to become a Dejamobile partner and offer more valuable solutions to merchants, speak to us today. We would be delighted to tell you more about our soft POS solution and other solutions that we have to offer. Unlock the benefits of contactless payment acceptance solutions today. We are standing by ready to show you a demo and speak to you about your requirements.