Using our certified SDK for NFC payments

Transform your banking app into a secure NFC mobile wallet thanks to our white label mobile payment solution. Our solution comes with a multi-scheme certified SDK and

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QR Code Payments

If you are looking for a way to enable your customers to make QR code payments, Dejamobile has the ideal solution. Our mobile payment solution puts your customers in complete control of how they pay and supports QR code as standard. Ifyou are looking for a new wallet provider to help you quickly bring digital payment services to your customerswe can help. .

Our QR code payments solution can help you become a major player in the mobile payments space. More and more consumers are not only wanting to use their mobile phones to make payments, but they are also expecting this functionality. If you are unable to digitise your payment services, you can bet that your competitors will do. We help you build a mobile payment solution quickly and simply.


How QR Code Payments Are Revolutionising the Way We Shop

QR code payments are starting to appear in more and more places and enable consumers to pay for goods and services by scanning a QR code to initiate payment. For retailers, it’s a win-win as QR code scanning can save time at the checkout and also help improve the overall customer experience.

When you partner with Dejamobile, you will gain access to a wealth of different ways to use our services. We can integrate our solution with your existing wallet or if you don’t already have one, you can use our white-label wallet and have it branded to suit your business. The choice is yours and we give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the solution that best aligns with your business and the demands of your customers.

Secure and Swift Transactions

We give your customers the ability to pay for goods and services through their smartphone. This is the device they are most likely to have with them at all times and they will love the convenience that your mobile payments app can bring them. Whether they need to pay for goods or services online, in-store or on the street, they can make a secure and swift payment and be on their way.

Give your customers the freedom to pay the way they want and to be sure that their transaction and personal data is safe and secure every step of the way.

Transform the Way Your Customers Access Your Services

To find out more about our QR code payments and how we can help you to digitise the payment services you have to offer, speak to our team today. We can also digitise your reward programs or gift cards and enable P2P payments and. Transform the way you offer your services to your customers by building your own mobile payments solution the easy way.