Secure NFC-Based solution for m-ticketing

Dedicated to transport solution providers, ReadyToTap Mobility enables the digitisation and top up of transport passes and tickets using NFC technology.

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Mobile payment solutions are now being accepted by more and more retailers. The EMV QR code solution provides another way for customers to pay for goods and services. EMVCo has developed a QR Code payment specification to ensure global interoperability and security and provide a consistent experience for merchants and consumers. By setting up your own EMVQR code solution, your customers can pay by scanning a code at the point of sale. If you are looking for a way to give your customers secure and swift payment options on their mobile phones, this might be the best solution for you. .

The Dejamobile SDK solution offers QR code generation and scanning compatible with iOS and Android. All tokenisation and credential provisioning is handled on our platform thanks to our tokenisation hub.


Static or Dynamic QR Codes

There are a number of ways that QR codes can be used in the EMV QR code process. Static QR codes are delivered to the merchant and then printed and displayed at the point of sale. The customer then scans the QR code and enters in the amount of the transaction. The transaction is then authenticated by the user on their smartphone and the retailer is notified of the transaction amount.

Dynamic QR codes are generated by the retailer. When they enter the amount for the transaction, the system displays a QR code on screen. The customer opens their QR code EMV app and scans the code. Authentication happens in the same way, the transaction goes ahead and the retailer receives confirmation.

More Convenient Ways For Your Customers to Pay

So many changes have happened in the payment industry that it can be hard to keep up. Whether you are a card issuer, bank, rewards program manager or mobility company, digitising your services can bring so much more convenience to the lives of your customers. Our EMV QR code solutionis just one way you can digitise your payment services and we would be delighted to speak to you today to tell you more.

Full Compatibility with Mobile Technologies

Our solutions are compatible with NFC, QR Code and Bluetooth, giving your customers many different options when using your mobile payment solution. What’s more, we can get you up and running quickly so that your customers can start using your services as quickly as possible. Remember, you can choose to integrate our solution into your own environment or use our SaaS platform for even faster deployment. Don’t already have your own wallet? We can create one for you.

Give your customers as many ways to pay as possible. With our EMV QR code solution, they can pay wherever QR codes are used, whether it is in-store or online. All transactions will be completely secure and will be completed within seconds.

Transform the Way Your Customers Access Your Services

To find out more about our EMV QR code solution, speak to the team here at Dejamobile. We would be delighted to tell you more about our services and to get your mobile payment solution up and running as quickly as possible for you. The world is becoming more and more digital and we’ll help you to stay ahead of the curve.