SoftPOS solution compatible with CPoC

Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both

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CPoC Solution

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council governs card payment security. It is essential that anybody developing card payment solutions ensures they adhere to the standards set out by PCI in order to keep data secure. CPoC (Contactless Payments on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) is their latest standard and one that we have integrated fully into our solution. .

When you are looking for a CPoC solution that you can trust to give your merchants the best possible service and to keep data secure at every point in the payment transaction, speak to our team. We would be delighted to tell you more about our contactless payment solution and how it can make life so much easier for your merchants and their customers.


A Fully Compliant CPoC Solution

At Dejamobile we offer a digital payments solution for merchants that complies with the latest relevant PCI regulations and which is being aligned with Visa and Mastercard specifications. Whether your merchants are just starting out in the world of digital payments or they are looking to improve the solution they already have in place, we can help them to simplify, secure and streamline the payment process.

The payment industry is forever evolving but the most significant change it has undergone in recent years is the contactless payment revolution. To ensure that your merchants are able to embrace this technology with confidence and deploy a solution they can trust, you need a CPoC solution that is secure, robust and compliant.

A Simple and Affordable Digital Payment Solution

The beauty of a CPoC solution from Dejamobile is that the only hardware required is off-the-shelf NFC-enabled Android smartphones and tablets. Our solution is software-only and is as easy to install as any regular app. Once deployed, these devices will be able to accept payments from any contactless card and any mobile wallet such as G-Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. We can give you more information on request and how to offer these services so that your merchants get the best return on their investment.

A Fully Compliant Solution

Compliance is one of the most important considerations for any mobile payment solution, if not the most important. It is essential that every transaction and all associated personal data is managed as securely as possible. Our CPoC solution ensures that no sensitive data is ever transmitted during the payment transaction and that all personal information is held in a secure vault with compliant and robust protection.

And when it comes to deploying our CPoC solution, we’re proud to say the process is quick and simple. Whether your merchants choose a hybrid approach with static POS terminals and mobile devices or they go with mobile devices only, they can expect the same high standards in security and fast and seamless payments.

To find out more about our services and to discuss the specific requirements of your merchants, speak to the team at Dejamobile today. We would be delighted to tell you more about our CPoC solution and how we can add more value to the services you currently offer.