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NFC Mobile Ticketing

If you are looking for an NFC mobile ticketing solution that brings contactless ticketing to your customers, we have the solution for you. In the mobility sector, more and more providers are turning to NFC mobile ticketing to bring convergence and convenience to their customers. .

Commuters using an NFC-enabled mobile device can use contactless transport tickets on their mobile phone to move around. The tickets are stored and can de topped up directly on their mobile phone. . Many cities are starting to realise the potential that NFC technology can have and we’d be delighted to tell you more.


Why Consider NFC Mobile Ticketing

There are many reasons why you might want to consider NFC mobile ticketing for your city. Journeys become smoother when there are no ticket queues to worry about and transactions are always secure when you choose our tokenisation platform that protects all personal data.

At Dejamobile, we make NFC ticketing a reality with our white label mobile wallet. Our solution is conform to Calypso ticketing standards and is GDPR compliant which means all private data will be protected and never transmitted at any time. It also means your customers will gain trust in your product if they know for sure that their data is safe at all times.

Give Your Customers Complete Payment Freedom

No matter which transport services you offer, we can build an NFC mobile ticketing solution that works with your business and which helps you to reduce wait times for your customers and ensure a smooth and swift service whenever customers want to buy and use tickets. Whenever and wherever their travels take them, they can just tap, go and skip the queues.

Our solution can be integrated into your existing environment or for faster implementation, you can use our SaaS platform. We give you complete freedom on how to use our mobile payment and mobility solution so that you can align it perfectly with your business needs.

Why Choose Dejamobile For NFC Ticketing?

We help you to give your customers the freedom to use your services from their smartphone. They can use digitised tickets and plan their trips with ease and all from one application. More and more mobility companies are realising the potential of NFC mobile ticketing and adding this service to their mobile apps. Don’t be left behind. Speak to our team today to find out more about our solutions and how we can help you to stay ahead.

We can work with any mobility company to better understand how a NFC mobile ticketing solution can work for you. We have been offering our NFC solutions for years and would be delighted to tell you more.

Add More Value to Your Mobility Services

Join the mobility revolution today and give your customers more reasons to use your services. To find out more about our ticketing solutions for mobility providers, speak to our team today.