Mobility top up solution

Dedicated to transport solution providers, ReadyToTap Mobility enables the digitisation and top up of transport passes and tickets using NFC technology.

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Transit Card Top Up

If you are looking for a solution that offers transit card top up features for your mobility service, Dejamobile has a solution to suit your needs. The mobility service is changing with more and more transport providers offering digital services to their customers. What’s more, customers are beginning to expect these services as the norm. They don’t want to spend time in long queues or worrying about lost tickets. By bringing transit card top up services to your customers, you can provide them with a smooth and secure way to purchase and use tickets. .

Based on NFC technologies, we offer a solution that is compliant with Calypso transport ticketing standards.This means that no matter where your customers purchase tickets their personal details will always remain secure. This is peace of mind for your business and peace of mind for your customers.


Why Consider NFC Mobile Ticketing?

When your customers use a transit card top up service, they can touch in and out using NFC technology. The cost of their journey is taken whenever they tap in and they can top up their card using their mobile phone and a connected credit or debit card. At all stages in the transaction and tap process, all details will be secure.

You can choose a number of ways to use our service. We supply a SDK and white label application on one hand and a service platform available in SaaS mode on the other hand.

Compliant with Calypso ticketing standards

Our ReadyToTap Mobility solution responds to the challenges of major transport networks: security, interoperability, fluidity and simplicity and is based on NFC technology and conform to Calypso international ticketing standards. . To find out more about our transit card top up service and digitising your mobility service, speak to our team today.

Why Choose Dejamobile For Transit Card Top Up?

We have years of experience in offering mobility services with a great reference of the Ile-de-France region offering its mobile ticketing service based on our solution. We would be delighted to digitise transit cards and tickets across your infrastructure. Your customers carry their mobile phones with them wherever they go so doesn’t it make sense to enable ticketing from these devices? With more and more transport providers digitising their services it makes sense to take action now.

Our solutions are responding to public transport challenges and needs for digitisation and better user experience. We are constantly updating our services to ensure you give your customers the best possible experience.

Add More Value to Your Mobility Services

Speak to our team today to find out more about our transit card top up solution and how you can bring more value to your mobility services. We would be delighted to assist you.