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Dejamobile offers a white label digital payment solution certified with Cartes Bancaires, Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES. With ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers, create your own NFC Issuer wallet or easily integrate with OEM Pay wallets.

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White Label Mobile Wallet

At Dejamobile, we offer white label mobile wallet solutions that help you to get your mobile payment service up and running quickly. We can take your credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and rewards programs and digitise them easily and quickly. All services you choose to digitise onto mobile will be completely secure and totally compliant with PCI DSS. We have taken care of the hard work for you so that you can get your service up and running as quickly as possible. .

The beauty of a white label mobile wallet solution is that you don’t need to have a wallet solution in place already. Our wallet can be branded with your own company branding to offer a trusted and seamless service for your customers. You can also integrate our solution into your own wallet if you have one or use a third-party wallet solution such as Apple Pay, G-Pay or Samsung Pay.


Fully Certified by Payment Schemes

Certification is a huge consideration with any mobile payment solution. It is imperative that all transactions and all personal data are managed in the most secure way possible. Our solutions are fully certified by major international payment schemes like Visa, Mastercard and Cartes Bancaires.

Our white label mobile wallet helps you to offer more services to your customers and to give them a convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services using their mobile phone. To find out more about our wallet solution or any aspect of our service, get in touch with our team today.

Give Your Customers Complete Payment Freedom

The world is changing every day with new solutions and technologies becoming available. Stay ahead of the curve by offering your customers the best possible service when it comes to paying for goods and services. Our solution is compatible with NFC and QR Code ensuring your customers have complete freedom and flexibility.

Why Choose Dejamobile as Your White Label Mobile Wallet Provider?

At Dejamobile, we offer a white label mobile wallet solution that is easy and quick to integrate into your existing environment. You can also use our SaaS solution for even faster deployment. Whether you are just getting started with a mobile payment solution or you are looking to replace your existing wallet, we can help you to get the best return on your investment.

Add More Value to Your Payment Services

Our solution will help you to remove the hassle and burden of managing multiple cards and bring everything into one secure and convenient application. With the tap of a terminal or the scan of a code, your customers can enjoy complete payment freedom wherever and however they choose to shop.

To find out more about our white label mobile wallet, speak to the team at Dejamobile today. We would be delighted to work with you to help you to add more value to your payment services.