Enabling QR Code payments based on EMV

Compatible with EMV QR Code specification, ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers enables QR Code payments for a fast and convenient alternative to make digital payments.

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HCE Mobile Payments

Securing a mobile device so that it can be used to make debit or credit transactions at a POS (point-of-sale) terminal is quite a challenge. Not only do you need to ensure such a solution is convenient and fast, but you also need to ensure it is secure. With HCE mobile payments, all critical payment credentials are managed within a shared secure repository rather than being held on the mobile device. .

At Dejamobile, we understand the challenges that banks, card issuers and other payment service providers can face on a daily basis. HCE mobile payments provided by our solution help our customers to cut costs, increase revenue and improve their business and brand.


HCE Mobile Payments Change Everything

HCE mobile payments are transforming the way payment solutions are delivered - both commercially and technically. Our HCE solution allows card issuers to offer secure mobile payment services to their customers using NFC technology.

Our market-ready HCE mobile payments solution can be easily integrated with any mobile payment app. Don’t have an app already? Don’t worry. You can use our white-label wallet. Certified by Mastercard, Visa, Pure and CB, our solutions take care of the entire back-office process, including token issuance, transaction processing, and lifecycle management.).

A Broad Range of Use Cases

We offer a selection of solutions for card issuers and banks, e-wallet providers and reward and gift programme managers. If your customers are currently using physical cards, we can digitise everything to make these payment solutions more secure and easier to manage. Our e-money wallet, for example, can offer secure online and in-store payments and can also be integrated with a loyalty and rewards module.

PCI Compliance Built-In

We have also taken care of all PCI DSS security requirements, saving you the hassle and time this process can take when establishing a new mobile payments solution. It means that you can start using our solution faster and all with the peace of mind that the product you are using is compliant.

Changing the Way Your Customers Pay

For customers looking for a convenient and secure way to pay for good and services from their mobile phones, our HCE mobile payments solution is the answer. We help you to engage with your customers, adapt to their changing needs and to provide the best possible user experience. The payments landscape is changing rapidly. Our mobile payment solutions help you to stay well ahead of the curve.

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We would be delighted to tell you more about our HCE mobile payments solution and how we can transform the way you offer your services to your customers. Whether you are a card issuer, bank, mobile e-wallet provider or you run a rewards or gifting scheme, we have a solution that can be aligned perfectly with the needs of your business and the demands of your customers. Call our team today to find out more.