Digitising lunch vouchers to a NFC mobile wallet

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Digital Lunch Voucher Solution

Our digital lunch voucher solution allows you to ditigise your lunch voucher packages through a secure and powerful digital platform. Whether you are currently issuing lunch vouchers or lunch cards or any type of meal ticket on paper or through plastic, we can digitise these for you. It means consumers don’t have to worry about vouchers or tickets being lost and that food and beverages can be paid for easily with a tap of a smartphone. .

We will work closely with you to understand your current offering. From here, we will digitise your voucher system and integrate your offering with our digital lunch voucher solution. Once digitised, consumers will be able to access vouchers on their mobile phones and pay quickly and securely using contactless technology. From checking their balance to topping up, our digital lunch voucher solution puts your customers in complete control.


The Perfect Solution For Lunch Vouchers

For corporateemployees, paper vouchers can be difficult to manage and can be open to fraud and unauthorised use. But with our digital lunch voucher solution, there are no physical vouchers to worry about. Everything is handled through wallet Appsmeaning that vouchers cannot be lost or passed on to friends, family or other unauthorised users. Whether you already have some digitisation in place or you are looking to move to a digital solution, we would be delighted to tell you more about our solution.

Why Consider Digital Lunch Vouchers?

Consumers today are looking for easier ways to pay for goods and services. Make life easier and more convenient for them by offering a way to pay food and beverages securely and conveniently. They will love the seamless transactions and fast payment this service brings and will see it as a useful benefit.

Give Your Customers a Better Experience

Lunch vouchers are a benefit and they become more so when you digitise them. When lunch vouchers are digitised, they can be used by corporate employees as a more convenient and seamless way to pay alongside their other benefits.

And because our platform uses secure encryption and cutting edge connectivity technology, you can rest assured that your customers will get the best possible service from our digital lunch voucher solution.

Why Choose Dejamobile For Digitising Lunch Vouchers?

At Dejamobile, we specialise in digitising daily life transactions and making life easier and more secure for corporates and consumers. We understand the importance of quick deployment and return on investment and we are confident you will be very happy with the choice you make in our services. More and more companies are digitising their lunch vouchers and saving money in the process.

Add More Value to Your Services

Add more value to the services you offer to your customers by digitising your vouchers and prepaid cards the easy way. Our digital lunch voucher solution is designed to transform the way you currently offer your vouchers, helping you to win more business, improve the customer experience and add more services with ease.

We have a strong experience in mobile wallets and digital payment solutions . Take a look at our website for more information.