Selecting the best Tokenisation solution

ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers enables the digitisation of all your cards into your own wallet application or integrating with OEM Pay wallets. Our solution comes with a multi-scheme certified payment SDK and a tokenisation hub for a faster onboarding.

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Tokenisation Solution

At Dejamobile, we offer a tokenisation solution that takes away the uncertainty about security and provides you with a fully secure and compliant mobile payment platform. Whether you are looking to digitise your credit, debit and prepaid cards we can help. Our tokenisation solution has provided many customers with total peace of mind over the years and we would be delighted to tell you more. .

Tokenisation is the process of turning sensitive payment data into non-sensitive data. The sensitive data is kept safe in our highly secure platform, far away from the Consumer devices so that no sensitive data is ever transmitted. The tokenised data would be useless to hackers and so not worth their while to try and steal. This gives your customers complete reassurance that their personal and payment details are safe at every stage of the payment process.


We Have Taken Care of Certification For You

Our tokenisation solution is secure and fully certified by the payment schemes Visa and Mastercard. Our Tokenisation Service is hosted and operated in a PCI DSS certified environment. This means you don’t have to worry about going through the certification process yourself and ensures you can use our solution quickly. The certification process otherwise can take a long time to get through. We save you the delays and hassle involved.

We can help you to build a convenient and innovative mobile payments solution for your business and to bring trust and loyalty with your customers.

Why Choose Dejamobile as Your Tokenisation Partner?

Choose Dejamobile’s tokenisation solution today and you will have access to a wealth of different ways to use our solution. We take the hard work out of building a mobile payment solution and help you to get up and running quickly. You can choose to use your own wallet but if you don’t have one you can use our white-label wallet with your branding or a third-party wallet from Apple Pay, G-Pay or Samsung Pay. The choice is yours.

We have helped many of our customers to digitise their services and make life easier and more convenient for their customers. Either you have physical cards you would like to digitise or you want to create a brand new fully digital program, we can help you to achieve your goals. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and how our solution can help. Speak to us today to find out why so many businesses have chosen us as their tokenisation partner.

Add More Value to Your Payment Services

To find out more about our tokenisation solution or any other aspect of our services, contact the team here at Dejamobile today. We offer a range of solutions designed to help you add more value to your services.

Call us now to tell us more about the challenges you are facing with your payment services and we will tell you how our solution can help to solve them.