Tokenisation in Digital Payments

ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers enables the digitisation of all your cards into your own wallet application or integrating with OEM Pay wallets. Our solution comes with a multi-scheme certified payment SDK and a tokenisation hub for a faster onboarding.

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Tokenisation is at the heart of our mobile payment solution. Tokenisation removes any sensitive or original payment or personal data from your business systems and replaces it with non-sensitive tokens. All sensitive data is stored in a secure data vault completely separate from your business systems. It is the most secure way to ensure robust security and compliance during every transaction. .

Our tokenisation hub managed the entire process, from card enrollment through to the whole token lifecycle management process. Whether you are looking for payment-based or privacy-based security, our solution gives you and your customers total peace of mind.


Fully Certified with Payment Schemes

Our mobile payment solution is totally certified by major payment schemes like Mastercard, Visa and CB. This saves you from undertaking these lengthy and complex processes yourself and gives you a solution that is ready to integrate into your existing environment quickly. We can also give you access to our white-label wallet solution or help you with the integration with third-party wallet solutions such as G-Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Why Choose Dejamobile as As Your Tokenisation Partner ?

When it comes to tokenisation and ensuring the security of all transmitted data, we have years of experience. Whether you are looking to digitise your debit, credit or prepaid cards, or, we can help.

Our tokenisation hub managed the entire tokenisation process from start to finish and will ensure all data is managed in compliance with the latest security regulations. Whether you are ready to start using a new mobile payment solution or you are looking into whether this type of system is viable for your business, get in touch.

Give Your Customers Total Peace of Mind

We can help you to give your customers total peace of mind with our tokenisation process. Your customers will want to be sure that their data is secure and safe during every transaction and that there is never any risk to their data. The tokenisation process ensures this, keeping all original data safe and away from your business systems.

Whether your customers shop in-app, online, in-store or on the street, they will always know that they personal details and payment details are safe and not at risk of being infiltrated or used fraudulently.

Add More Value to Your Payment Services

When you are looking for new ways to offer your payment services, speak to the team at Dejamobile. If you are currently distributing physical cards to your customers, it could be time to offer them something a little more convenient such as a mobile payment solution.

We can also help you to add more value by applying new features such ase-money wallet or P2P payments. Speak to our friendly team today to find out more about our tokenisation solutions and how we can help you to transform the way you offer your services to your customers. We would be delighted to assist.