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Digital Gift Card on Smartphone

If you currently offer gift card services, why not give your customers the option of delivering a digital gift card on smartphone? We can offer all the technology you need to make that happen, ensuring a secure and convenient way to purchase gift cards and make them instantly available on the recipient’s smartphone. From here, the recipient can use them online and in-store just like a prepaid physical card. .

Whether you are a retailer or you run a rewards program, we can help you to digitise your services so that users can make transactions directly from their mobile phone. This negates the need for physical gift cards that can get lost, stolen or damaged. When the recipient receives a digital gift card on smartphone, they can see their balance and simply tap terminals in-store or redeem their gift online.


The Perfect Solution For Rewards and Gifting Programs

We would be delighted to tell you more about our rewards and gift card solutions and how easy it is to digitise your solution. Whether you currently offer a gift card scheme or you are thinking of introducing one, our solution can be integrated into your environment quickly and easily. Consumers carry their mobile phones with them everywhere so doesn’t it make sense to give them access to as many services as possible from their mobile phone?

Why Consider Digital Gift Cards?

Receiving a physical gift card is great but receiving one directly to your mobile phone is much better. Once received, that gift card will be with the recipient wherever they go ready to be used should the mood strike them. They won’t need to remember to bring gift cards to the store or worry about them being lost or invalid. As retailer, this gives you new opportunities to address the expectations of a larger audience who is used to using their smartphone to shop.

Give Your Customers a Better Customer Experience

With a digital gift card on smartphone, it is easy for senders to purchase gift cards too. They don’t have to worry about gift cards being intercepted over email or being lost in the post as the gift card will be sent directly to the recipient securely and can only be activated by that person.

Why Choose Dejamobile For Digitising Gift Cards?

At Dejamobile, we have years of experience in digitising gift cards and rewards programs so that they can be used easily on a smartphone. To find out more about our services, speak to our team today. We can tell you more about the technology involved, the security processes we have in place and any aspect of our gift and reward services. We have helped many businesses to digitise their solutions and we would be very happy to do the same for you today.

Add More Value to Your Gift Card Services

Add more value to the services you provide with our digital gift card on smartphone service. Speak to the team here at Dejamobile to find out more.