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ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers enables the digitisation of all your cards into your own wallet application or integrating with OEM Pay like apple Pay or G-Pay.

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Payment Solution Certified Visa and MasterCard

Building a mobile payments solution can take time. The certification process can take time, especially if you want to be certified by multiple payment schemes. At Dejamobile, we have done a lot of the hard work for you with our payment solution certified Visa and MasterCard. It means that you can get started with our solution quickly and get the best return on your investment in our services. .

The world is changing and consumers today expect so much more from their card providers. As more and more banks, card issuers, merchants and rewards programs are digitising their services, the companies that don’t follow the move get quickly left behind. Consumers no longer want to juggle multiple cards. They want the payment services they know and love to be available in the palm of their hand on their smartphone. Our payment solution certified Visa and Mastercard gives you the perfect solution.


A Wealth of Ways to Use Our Solution

We want you to have complete flexibility over your mobile payment service deployment which is why we offer you a wealth of solutions to offer your customers. Our solution can be used on iOS and Android and can be used with your own wallet solution or third-party wallets such as G-Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. You may also wish to use our white-label wallet which can be updated with your own branding to ensure easy adoption with your customers.

A More Secure Way For Customers to Pay

Whenever a payment is made using our payment solution, certified Visa and Mastercard, robust security comes into the payment to ensure that all transaction and personal data is kept secure at all times. We would be delighted to tell you more about our security provisions. Our solution complies with the demanding requirements of personal data protection and transaction security and is fully compliant with PCI DSS legislation.

Full Compatibility with Mobile Technologies

With so many more companies deploying NFC technology and other mobile connectivity solutions, it makes sense to give your customers the means to pay for goods and services by using these technologies. Our payment solution certified Visa and Mastercard allows your customers to make payments on their smartphone or any other connected device and to experience the convenience of mobile payments.

We can also help you if you have a rewards program you would like to digitise or if you would like to find out more about digitising your mobility ticketing system. We offer full integration into your own environment or we can build you a wallet using our own white-label wallet solution. Simply tell us your preference and we will do the rest.

Transform the Way Your Customers Access Your Services

At Dejamobile, we offer solutions that will transform the way you offer your payment services to customers. We can adapt our solution to fit the needs of your business and the demands of your customers so that you can save money, boost revenue and give your customers the best possible experience.