Leveraging contactless Payment solutions

ReadyToTap Payment for Issuers enables the digitisation of all your cards into your own wallet application or integrating with OEM Pay like apple Pay or G-Pay.

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Contactless Payments NFC

For acquirers and merchant providers looking to add more value to their service offering, our NFC contactless payments acceptance solution is the answer. With our contactless payments acceptance solution in place, merchants can experience more freedom on where they do business, change how they accept payments and transform the customer experience. .

From paying with contactless cards to mobile wallets, our digital payment solution enables customers to use their preferred means of contactless payment to pay on a smartphone or tablet. And because our NFC contactless payments acceptance solution operates on an off-the-shelf NFC-enabled Android device, there are no expensive hardware add-ons to worry about.


Seamless Payment Solutions In The Palm of Their Hand

Our NFC contactless payments acceptance solution is a unified solution that can accept payments from any contactless card or mobile wallet. All transactions over our NFC contactless payments acceptance solution are secure, fast and convenient. With a simple tap of a card or the dip of a mobile phone, customers can pay for their goods and be on their way. It’s a win-win; merchants can offer their services anywhere and customers experience shorter queue times and faster payment.

Offer a Faster and More Secure Way to Pay

With a NFC contactless payments acceptance solution, merchants are in full control of how they accept card payments. The majority of stores and services accept contactless payments these days and so it really does make sense from a competitive point of view.

The Benefits Speak For Themselves

Our NFC contactless payments acceptance solution has many benefits but the most significant is the growth it can bring to merchants’ businesses. Whether they choose to go all in with contactless payment devices or choose to use a hybrid approach (static POS and mobile devices) the growth potential is huge. For example, merchants who were previously only able to accept cash payments (food trucks, market traders, etc.), can gain a competitive edge in their marketplace by accepting card and mobile wallet payments.

The cost savings can also be huge for the merchant that chooses to replace static POS terminals with dynamic mobile devices. POS terminals take up space, are expensive to run and may not offer contactless functionality. Our NFC contactless payments acceptance solution, on the other hand, is light, mobile and able to accept a multitude of contactless payment methods.

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To find out more about our innovative and secure NFC contactless payments acceptance solution and how we can make life easier for your merchants and their customers, speak to our team today. We would be delighted to explain the technology behind our solutions, to show you a demo and to discuss the requirements of your merchants. We are confident that we can align our solutions with their needs and add value to your offering.