Pre-certified softPOS solution for Merchants

Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both Visa and Mastercard with PIN on Glass and compliant with PCI CPoC specifications, our Tap on Phone solution enables Merchants to take payments from all amounts on any off-the-shelf NFC Android devices.

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Tap Card on Phone

With our 'tap card on phone' POS solutions, customers are able to pay for what they need with ease and total peace of mind. Our ReadyToTap software is changing the way that merchants accept payment and giving customers the freedom to choose the payment method of their choice, whether they prefer to use cards or their mobile phone to pay. .

With our tap card on phone solution in place, merchants are no longer tied to one location. Gone are the days of clunky POS terminals that are expensive to run and manage. With our solution, merchants can accept contactless payments on any NFC-enabled Android phone or tablet. From taking payments from any location on the store floor to accepting payments at markets or at customers’ homes, our POS solutions allow merchants to accept contactless payments wherever they choose.


What Software is Required For Tap Card on Phone Services?

Our mobile POS solution is 100% software-based. All that is required for merchants to accept tap card on phone payments are off-the-shelf Android phones or tablets. Our application is quick to customise, setup and install and will allow merchants to start experiencing the benefits of contactless payments almost immediately.

Transform the Customer Experience

The customer of the 21st century isn’t concerned with carrying large amounts of cash or remembering multiple PINs for multiple cards. They are looking for payment solutions that allow them to pay for their goods and services quickly and securely. Our tap card to phone solutions offer just that and allow merchants to use secure and fast mobile POS technology that improves the customer experience. For customers using mobile wallet solutions such as G-Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, the payment process is seamless. They simply tap or dip their phone at the POS terminal and they are good to go. It is this type of effortless and convenient payment method that will endear merchants to their customers.

Accept Payment Anywhere, Anytime

With a tap card on phone payment system, merchants are able to accept payments from any location as long as they have a wireless internet connection. This frees merchants up to trade wherever they want to do business, from pop-up stores to the retail floor and beyond. There really are no limits for merchants when they implement a mobile POS solution.

A tap card to phone solution from Dejamobile is quick and easy to deploy. We have taken care of the complex software development processes so that we can offer a solution that is CPoC compliant and which utilises the most robust encryption. This is peace of mind for merchants and peace of mind for customers who want to be sure that their data is safe and secure.

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