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Trust dejamobile for a faster and easier onboarding to OEM Pay wallets like apple Pay. One single connection to our tokenisation hub allows you to digitise any card to any

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Apple Pay Wallet Integration

More and more consumers are looking to pay with their smartphones when it comes to purchasing goods and services. We offer a range of ways to pay including Apple Pay wallet integration. Whether you have a wallet solution in place already or you are building one for the first time, we offer a quick and simple way to arrange deployment. In addition to Apple Pay wallet integration, we also offer other third-party solutions such as G-Pay and Samsung Pay. You can also use our white-label wallet solution with your own branding. .

Our solution comes fully compliant with PCI DSS ensuring that all personal data is protected at all times. We have a tokenisation hub that ensures that no personal data is ever sent. This gives peace of mind to you as a business and peace of mind to your Apple Pay customers.


Quick and Easy Apple Pay Wallet Integration

When you are looking for a mobile wallet solution that ensures quick and easy Apple Pay wallet integration, come to Dejamobile. Your customers will be able to pay for the things they love directly from their NFC compatible iPhones. We will align our services with the way you do business, whether you are a bank, card issuers or merchant.

Why Consider a Digital Wallet Solution?

A digital wallet solution with Apple Pay wallet integration is a great way to transform the way you offer your services. No matter where your customers pay for their goods and services, they can do so with a tap of their mobile phone and be sure that their purchase is being made securely.

Give Your Customers the Best Possible Experience

Your customers will love the freedom and flexibility that your digital wallet application has to offer. With your application in their pocket, they don’t have to worry about losing plastic cards or having them stolen.

Why Choose Dejamobile Apple Pay Wallet Integration

We have years of experience in wallet integration and you can make use of our SaaS platform for faster implementation. Our services are already certified with major processors such as Mastercard, Visa and CB saving you time and money.

We have also taken care of compliance so you don’t have to get involved in this time-consuming and complex process. This means you can get up and running quickly and start offering optimised services to your customers.

Add More Value to Your Payment Services

Speak to the team at Dejamobile today to find out more about how Apple Pay wallet integration can help you to create a better customer experience. We would be delighted to show you what a difference our mobile payment solution can make to your business.