Tap to Phone for contactless Payments Acceptance

Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both Visa and Mastercard with PIN on Glass and compliant with PCI CPoC specifications, our Tap on Phone solution enables Merchants to take payments from all amounts on any off-the-shelf NFC Android devices.

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Tap to Phone

Tap to phone technology has revolutionised the payment industry, freeing customers from the constraints and risks that come with cash and PIN cards and helping to drive more revenue into businesses than ever before. At Dejamobile, we have years of experience in digital payment services and would be delighted to present a demo of our solution in action and discuss your requirements. .

One of the most beneficial reasons merchants might want to consider tap to phone technology is the freedom it brings to do business anywhere. Put simply, if you have an Android device and an internet connection, merchants can accept contactless payments with our solution, whether they are in a field in the middle of nowhere, at a customer’s home or anywhere on the shop floor. Merchants around the world are discovering the possibilities that mobile payment acceptance solutions can bring to both their business and the customer experience.


Why Consider a Tap to Phone Solution?

Consumers don’t want to spend their valuable time in long queues at the checkout. One of the reasons for long wait times in the past has been the payment process where the lack of seamlessness and mobility can create some frustration and make consumers give up their purchase.. With a tap to phone solution, merchants can offer a fluid shopping experience bringing more mobility and convenience at the cashier.

Our solution allows merchants to accept contactless payments using a contactless card or a mobile wallet solution such as Apple Pay, G-Pay or Samsung Pay. All that merchants require in order to enable these services are Android smartphones or tablets loaded with our innovative and secure application. These devices are much more affordable than expensive countertop POS systems and because they are mobile, you can take them anywhere. That said, some merchants choose to use a hybrid approach by using tap to phone technology in addition to traditional POS terminals. This allows them to open up more mobile terminals and take more payments during busy times and keep queue times down. It’s a win-win for customers and merchants.

Robust, Secure and Compliant

Our software-based tap to phone technology may be easy to deploy and use but it is backed by robust security and completely compliant with the latest Mastercard, Visa and PCI CPoC regulations.. All data is encrypted ensuring peace of mind for customers worried about data being intercepted and used fraudulently.

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Speak to the team at Dejamobile today to find out how adding tap to phone technology to your range of merchant services can provide more value to merchants and help them to do business anywhere. We have years of experience in supplying digital payment solutions to businesses of all sizes and in every industry. We would be delighted to speak to you and to show you a demo of our solution in action.