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Bring contactless payments acceptance to your Merchants easily and fastly thanks to ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants, our secure software POS solution. Certified by both

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Soft POS Technology

At Dejamobile, we specialise in providing soft POS technology solutions that allow merchants to take advantage of contactless payments. With our solutions in place, merchants can accept contactless payments on mobile devices from a range of payment methods including cards and mobile wallets. Consumers today are looking for safe, secure and fast ways to pay for goods and services. Our solutions allow merchants to fulfil the needs of their customers. .

With our ReadyToTap payment solutions, consumers can simply tap devices loaded with soft POS technology to make a payment within seconds. It’s fast, secure and allows merchants to control exactly when and where they are able to take payments.


Why Use Soft POS Technology?

Using soft POS technology can open up so many possibilities for merchants looking to accept payments anywhere while offering a secure and convenient means of payment for their customers. With a soft POS solution in place, merchants can also expand on the places they are able to accept payments. For example, for merchants that were previously only able to accept cash, the technology opens up a wealth of new possibilities. From stand alone terminals to smartphones, merchants can choose how, when and where they accept contactless payments.

Enhance the Customer Experience

More and more consumers today expect to be able to pay using a contactless solution. They don’t want to carry cash and multiple cards around and even using a chip and PIN card comes with its risks. But with a secure and robust soft POS solution, they can rest assured that their data is safe at all times. We use encryption technology that ensures that personal data is safe and secure at every point in the transaction. Our solution is also fully compliant with PCI CPoC regulations and aligned with Mastercard and Visa specifications.

The Perfect Solution For Forward-Thinking Merchants

With soft POS technology, merchants can be ready to accept payment no matter where their business takes them. A cash only business is a restricted business and will no doubt lose money from customers looking to pay using contactless methods. At Dejamobile, we offer a way for merchants to unlock the benefits of soft POS technology, allowing them to experience the freedom that this payment solution offers.

In addition to our soft POS solution, all merchants need in order to enable mobile POS are Android devices that are compatible with NFC technology. Our solution is 100% software-based and requires no additional hardware. It is one of the best off the shelf solutions available today and will transform the way that merchants do business.

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With soft POS technology in place, merchants can offer secure and convenient payment services wherever they are and be sure that customers can pay for their goods and services with ease. We would be delighted to show you a demo of our solution and to tell you more about our services. By becoming a Dejamobile partner, you can diversify your offerings to merchants and add more value.