Enabling NFC transactions thanks to HCE

Transform your banking app into a secure NFC mobile wallet thanks to our white label mobile payment solution. Our solution comes with a multi-scheme certified SDK and

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Mobile Contactless Payment

When you are considering a mobile contactless payment solution, come to the experts at Dejamobile. We have been offering our solution for years and can help you to build trust and security into your payment services. Our mobile contactless payment solution is compliant with PCI DSS and also has certifications fromCartes Bancaires, Visa and Mastercard. We can help you to transform your debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards. We can also help if you have a rewards program that you are looking to digitise. .


Stay Ahead With the Payment Industry

Consumers today are looking for secure, convenient and fast ways to pay for goods and services. Whether they are on the street, shopping online or paying in-store, having access to payment services on their mobile will allow them to tap, pay and go instead of juggling lots of different cards. Out of all the personal possessions that a customer takes out with them, the smartphone is by far the most popular. Give them access to their favourite payment services by using mobile contactless payment solutions from Dejamobile.

Our innovative ReadytoTap Payment solution is ready to go and available on iOS and Android. It can be used with HCE technology on Android on your own wallet application or you can also use our white-label wallet. Our solution also integrates with third-party wallet such as G-Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. We give you total flexibility and freedom on how to adapt our solution to suit your needs.

Fast Deployment, Easy Integration

We ensure that our mobile contactless payment solution is easy to implement into your own environment. Whether you are a bank or card issuer looking to digitise your cards or you are a rewards or gift program manager, we help you to bring your services up to date and ahead of the curve.

Build Your Own Mobile Contactless Payment Service Today

The payment industry is becoming more and more competitive and to keep up, payment providers must look to innovate the services they provide to customers. Our ReadytoTap Payment solution helps you to not only catch but stay ahead of the curve when it comes to offering your customers fast and convenient ways to pay.

Transform Your Payment Services Today

When you need a mobile contactless payment solution that you can trust, get in touch with the team at Dejamobile. We are revolutionising the way consumers pay for goods and products and would be delighted to tell you more about our services today. Whether you are just starting out on your contactless payment journey or you are looking to replace the solution you have in place already, we can help.

Our services are compliant with PCI DSS and certified with Mastercard, Visa and CB. We would be delighted to show you how we can align our mobile contactless payment solution with your business needs and the expectations of your customers. Get in touch today to find out more about our ReadytoTap Payment solution and any aspect of our solution.