What are the deployment options when developing a SoftPOS solution

The promise of SoftPOS technology is to offer the flexibility to be deployed across many device types, from smartphones and tablets to professional business-oriented COTS devices. This technology can create opportunities for FinTechs that already provide financial services to businesses. By integrating NFC payment acceptance functionality into their existing business applications, they are suddenly tapping into new revenue streams while creating a one-stop-shop experience for their merchants.

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SoftPOS from Innovation to Reality

The Payments Industry has always been full of innovation, new ideas and technologies. Seeing some of them develop, mature, and become “normal” in our daily lives is incredible. Are we about to see SoftPOS become one of them?

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Tap to Pay on iPhone – What We Know So Far?

Earlier this year, Apple announced its new iOS feature; this is arguably one of the most important announcements in the Software-POS. Let's go back and look at it again, almost six months later, and see what it is exactly.

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2022, a promising year for the SoftPOS space

The payment acceptance industry is knowing major disruption with the arrival of Apple's Tap to Pay solution and the upcoming MPoC standard.

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Digitizing contactless payment acceptance

SoftPos (Software POS) technology has been gaining momentum since 2020 and is subject of numerous initiatives and pilots around the world. This technology is supported by the card industry via the PCI organisation - which has published a dedicated specification - and by the major payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard.

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Driving wider adoption of digital payments at the point-of-sale

The rise of digital payments has become a reality. All over the world, encouraged by health concerns, people are trusting contactless payment means for their shopping and businesses are thinking of new way to offer a seamless payment experience to the consumers

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