The Digital Gift Card by One4all

One4all digitises Gift Cards in the UK

Leveraging dejamobile’s digital payment solutions and expertise, Blackhawk Network drives further adoption of digital gift card services across Europe.

Blackhawk Network now offers a digital version of its One4all gift cards using dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Gifts&Rewards solution. Thanks to dejamobile’s proven ability to deploy large scale digital transaction projects, Blackhawk Network allows both the purchaser and the recipient of the gift the ability to gift, send, receive and use the gift card directly via their mobile phones.

Available on the Visa network, the One4all digital gift card can be used online to pay in a highly secure way and to pay in-store via Apple Pay and its own One4all mobile wallet for Android users.

Until now, One4all has primarily distributed its gift cards through post offices in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Launched on the Irish market in November 2019, One4all’s Digital Gift Card marks an innovative development in the digital rewards and gifting space. This new product will revolutionise the gifting sector in both Ireland, United Kingdom and beyond, making it easier than ever for businesses to reward their staff, or for individuals to send a digital gift to family or friends.

By allowing the use of its digital gift cards, Blackhawk Network offers both the buyer and the recipient of the gift the possibility to send and benefit from their gift directly on their mobile phone. The development of this new Digital One4all Gift Card opens up new opportunities for Blackhawk Network, which will be able to address the expectations of a younger generation, who are digital natives in using their smartphone to shop.

The partnership between One4all and dejamobile enable One4all’s network of more than 5000 retailers to accept the digital One4all gift card in their stores.

Blackhawk Network has always sought to break new ground and innovate in the payments and gifting sectors. The new One4all Digital Gift Card represents the future of gifting for businesses and individuals, enabling a truly personalised, convenient and secure solution in line with current tech trends.
Declan Byrne, Digital Project Lead at Blackhawk Network

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