Market Pay launches PayWish, its Tap on Phone service with dejamobile

19 - 05 - 2021

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Market Pay announces the launch of its SoftPOS solution in collaboration with dejamobile, Mastercard and Samsung

Based on dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solutionthe PayWish service launched by Market Pay aims to provide merchants with a simple and secure solution to accept contactless payments. 

Using their Android NFC smartphone or tablet and downloading an intuitive mobile application, merchants will be able to easily accept payments of any amount. Contactless payment acceptance is therefore based on a 100% software solution (known as SoftPOS for “Software POS”) allowing merchants to benefit from greater mobility and flexibility without the constraints of dedicated physical payment terminals. 

Turning your smartphone into a mobile POS terminal with SoftPOS technology

Market Pay has chosen dejamobile as a partner to develop its contactless payment acceptance service based on Software POS technology (commonly known as SoftPOS). Using dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution, Market Pay was able to rely on a solution already certified by Mastercard Tap on Phone and Visa Tap to Phone, with the so-called “PIN on Glass” function, i.e. the entry of the PIN code on the smartphone or tablet, which makes it possible to accept any amount.  

Market Pay’s solution, called PayWish, is dedicated to merchants of all sizes, from retailers to craftsmen and entrepreneurs on the move every day. Indeed, the simplicity of the service meets the needs of these merchants who are looking for affordable and easy to deploy solutions. The PayWish application is available as a turnkey solution and can be easily integrated into the merchant’s existing cash register system. 

Making digital payments easier for all businesses

The adoption of contactless payments has been accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, with now nearly 90% of in-person transactions globally taking place at a contactless-enabled merchant (source: Mastercard). Although the trend was already on the rise before the crisis, a collective awareness is emerging around the use of digital payments, which are increasingly popular among both merchants and consumers. 

How contactless payment acceptance works with PayWish

The merchant will simply have to create an account with Market Pay and will be invited to download the dedicated application on his Android NFC compatible smartphone. The smartphone thus becomes a real payment terminal.  

Customers can then pay contactless with their card, digital wallet or wearables. The checkout experience is similar to what is currently experienced in shops.  

  • For an amount below €50, the seller enters the amount to be paid on the app and the customer taps his or her card on the smartphone to validate the payment. 
  • For amounts over €50, after the tap to the phone, the customer must enter his or her PIN code on the retailer’s mobile phone. Customers can also pay with their smartphone if they use a “mobile wallet” type application. In this case, and whatever the amount, there is no PIN code to enter. 
  • The application also allows the payment receipt to be sent in digital format, either by email, SMS or via QR Code. 

Read another use case associated with SoftPOS technology with our client Crédit Agricole Payment Services who launched its Tap on Phone service, called Encaiss’Phone, again based on the ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution from Dejamobile.  

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